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Magnetica (B) (2011)

Magnetica (B) (2011)

Magnetica is a four headed Metallica tribute band from Aalst (Belgium).
In June 2009, four friends with a shared history of more than 20 years bundled their passion and musical skills into Belgium’s first original Metallica tribute. 
Metallica brought us together and had a strong influence on our personal and musical adventures in life. We called this force of attraction and inspiration ‘MAGNETICA’. Our mission is to carry out the Metallica spirit, to spread their words and to live our dream by sharing heavy music with a lot of people in the world. 
As a sign of our appreciation and respect towards our Gods of music, we bring a true reproduction of a live Metallica concert. We combine our knowledge, skills, perfectionism, enthusiasm and hard work in order to capture the moment and to generate the ultimate Metallica experience on stage. 
We don’t go for nothing less!!! Only Metallica does it better!!!


Magnetica - Fade To Black - 2011/2012 Fade To Black               Magnetica - One - 2011/2012 One                    Magnetica - Four Horsemen - 2011/2012 Four Horsemen


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